Virgo and the Sparklings

Virgo and the Sparklings ★★★

Virgo and the Sparklings is a breath of fresh air after Gundala and Sri Asih, not leaning towards the dark tone like those two previous films, but a fun teenage story. I gotta say this exceeds my expectations, shout out to Ody C. Harahap. Love the soundtracks.

Even though it has serious issues in its sudden (and rash) plotting [You can't just drop "I have synesthesia" then left it undeveloped, also Riani's origin story(?)], unsynchronized between sound of the instruments–gesture (Which you can spot it straight away), underused main antagonist, and some rough VFX (I still appreciate their effort for VFX tho), Virgo and the Sparklings is still a joyful ride in BCU to be experienced with.

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