The Woman King

The Woman King ★★★

Between "The Woman King" and "RRR" this year, we got two epic, action-packed works of historical fiction. I believe that both would have benefit from not trying to rewrite the history books though. This is by far the films biggest flaw next to their weightless secondary characters. Who cares about historical inaccuracies when you're having so much fun though?

The Woman King is such a rare gem of a Hollywood blockbuster, starring a majority black cast and a leading lady as powerful as Viola Davis herself – I mean, she is just fierce in this role. Great action sequences, costumes, and some solid production design in place. I just couldn't vibe with the story, despite it's questionable rewriting of history, I just found it generic. The romantic subplot especially felt majorly forced and awkward. Safe to say this ain't no "Love & Basketball," but this is definitely a crowd pleaser worthy of the attention it's been getting.

p.s. Sheila Atim is so underrated in my eyes. Between this and an MCU film this year, it's safe to say others are starting to take notice too. Excited to watch her career progress!

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