M3GAN ★★★½

"What is the purpose of [a] toy if you have to feed it with an iPad?"

Absolutely loved it. More of a black-comedy than it is a horror film and works all the more for it. Great character work, thought provoking subject matter, and the right amount of absurdity. "M3GAN" excels where "Child's Play" (2019) failed – in not only presenting a killer AI-doll, but also providing substantial social commentary around the subject and situation. Where Child’s Play was a thematically shallow bore, which lacked any personality, this film is fully self-aware and still provides plenty of commentary around the future of AI, early childhood development, and parenting in the technological age – particularly how parents today have become so content, and almost reliant on keeping their children occupied with TV, tablets, etc. Nevertheless, it’s a comedy first and foremost – the film never takes itself too seriously and is quite over-the-top, even in the most dramatic bits (these even felt like they were occasionally played for laughs). It could have easily gone berserk and been more violent, but it aims to be much more balanced in its mix of genres, which works to its advantage. Hats off to Akela Cooper, Gerard Johnstone, Allison Williams, and Amie Donald/Jenna Davis – incredible contribution from them all.

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