Death Note

Death Note ★★½

I'll start this by saying i'm not the kind of guy who really cares about how close the adaptation is to the original, if you give me a great movie that has nothing to do with the original i won't complain. The anime is one of my favorite television shows, so i was pretty excited to see this but kind of scared too, so... What did i think of it?

It is hard to work with a bad script, so i forgive Wolff and Dafoe for their performances, it looks like the script was rushed so it makes the movie a fucking race. Extremely expositive dialogue, a lot of montages, characters terribly developed doing senseless things to make the story fit in 1h40m, like telling a girl you barely know you just killed a dude by writing his name in a notebook. Besides the ridiculous coincidences. Sometimes it also seems like the writers and the actors were making a comedic scene but it's directed as a horror scene, for instance, the first time Ryuk shows up, Wolff is totally going for comedy but the soundtrack and the camera angles tell something diffrent, that makes the scene look ridiculous.

This tries to go for that B Horror vibe sometimes, and whenever there's gore, it's awesome. Decapitaions, guys puking blood, being hit by a car and broke in half... all that with really well made gore. But if you're not into gore that shoudn't bother you, it's shown just for the right amount of time to don't scare away people that don't like it and please people that do.

Wolff and Dafoe, are really bad in this. Specially Dafoe, such a disapointment... i thought that the idea of him as Ryuk was so great, but the dialogue really fucked it up. Qualley does her best with what she's got, not bad, not good, just... meh... Stanfield got a lot of hate for his casting, he isn't bad either, he did an ok L, my biggest problem with it is that in every scene he just starts screaming for no reason. That pissed me off. Actually, all of characters pissed me off a little bit, i don't blame the actors though, the writing was pretty terrible.

But this movie isn't all bad. There's some redeming qualities. Adam Wingard's direction, reguarding camera angles, is pretty good, and he worked really well with the cinematography this movie looks great. And the story isn't all bad either, the third act is exactly what i wanted. G'old Death Note. That are some missed oportunities, but the twists are really great, it looked like something that could've been in the TV Show, and i left it in a high note. You see, there's some good ideas in here, such a shame they didn't have more pacience to writing this.

Adam Wingard's Death Note, has way (and i mean, WAY) more wrongs then rights, but it's kinda fun and entertains, i don't think it's worth it, but it is definitly not as bad as a lot of people say.

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