Enemy of the State

Enemy of the State ★★★★

Enemy of the State:

After a chance encounter with an old college classmate a DC lawyer gets his entire life ruined by dirty NSA agents.

This is one of my all time favorite Will Smith movies. Tony Scott movies too, from the time Jason Lee starts running, the tension doesn’t let up. None of this guy’s secrets are safe either, everything gets exposed. They put trackers on him and watch his every move. Gene Hackman comes on late, but the back and forth with Will Smith is great. The who’s who of young Hollywood at the time filled the supporting cast too, Jamie Kennedy, Jack Black, Seth Green, Jake Busey and Scott Caan all play government agents. The third act putting Jon Voight against Tom Sizemore was genius. This might as well be a documentary though, we can’t hide from the government and technology advancing compound with social media just makes it easier for them. Can’t sleep on Regina King (there’s a great ‘Poetic Justice’ reference I caught in one scene) and Lisa Bonet playing key characters too. Will Smith escaping the ambulence is a classic moment and this is no doubt of my five favorite movies he’s done. ✌🏼

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