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  • Pro-Life


    Had low expectations for this one, but ended up enjoying it. It's a Rio Bravo riff set at an abortion clinic (this is a good premise! someone should do it again!) with Ron Perlman as the heavy trying to get to his daughter before she aborts her baby. Far less ambitious than Cigarette Burns, it has much better narrative momentum and doesn't get bogged down in nerdy chit chat. It also gets bonus points for one memorably deranged murder scene.…

  • Paul Dood’s Deadly Lunch Break

    Paul Dood’s Deadly Lunch Break

    Kind of like Spree if every kill was carefully executed so the protagonist isn't ultimately guilty and the audience could continue to root for him, and kind of like The King of Comedy if you ended up rooting for Robert Pupkin in the end because he's a loveable loser rather than a weird and creepy one.

    Thematically inconsistent and all over the place, but nevertheless contains some solid laughs and general good vibes if you can make it through a torturously slow first act.

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