Bugsy Malone

Bugsy Malone ★★★½

This is certainly an amusing film, a pretty quirky one at that, with the all child cast and the distinctly adult settings. Its a bit of a weird combination, certainly and some moments, esp. those with Jodie Fosters character flirting with the male characters, are a bit uncomfortable to watch these days but that aside, its pretty entertaining, with some good musical numbers and fairly witty dialogue in the script. I thought it was funny watching the kids chase others in 'cars' powered by feet (a la the Flintstones) and I also thought it was funny that the 'guns' (referred to as 'splurge guns') fire mashed potato or something similar, rather than bullets. Its pretty good choreography given the young ages of the cast. The music is pretty decent too, suits/matches the time its set in. Yes I'd recommend this film, particularly if your intrigued to see Jodie Foster in an early role.