Randi Reckless

Former Vulcan @ Vulcan Video (RIP)
Film physical media collector
Roller skating enthusiast

Favorite films

  • What's Love Got to Do with It
  • Eve's Bayou
  • Set It Off
  • Jackie Brown

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  • Titanic


  • Stars at Noon


  • Spin Me Round


  • Rosaline


Recent reviews

  • Titanic



    You really wouldn’t know that this was released in the 90’s if it weren’t for Billy Zane going absolutely berserk in it. Rewatched in 3D in a theater so while I still won’t go see the new Avatar, Jim Cameron still got my money.

  • Stars at Noon

    Stars at Noon


    Didn’t believe in the romance between the leads which really undermined the entire film. Would have made more sense if they were just trying to figure out how to use each other to their advantage considering the circumstances.

Popular reviews

  • Real Women Have Curves

    Real Women Have Curves


    “I love you, that's why I make you miserable.”

    Sounds like my mom. I’ve wanted to see this for almost two decades! Written, directed by and starring Latin-American women - you love to see it! We still need more of that community, as well as body positivity, portrayed in mainstream media all these years later. 

    Newcomer (at the time) America Ferrara absolutely crushes this role. I really admire how headstrong and secure Ana is, standing up to everyone including her overdramatic, bullying mother. Next time you want to rewatch Lady Bird, watch this instead.

  • Romeo + Juliet

    Romeo + Juliet


    Reasons why I love this camp masterpiece:

    •R + J’s fish tank meet-cute 🐠 (My tween ass said Now That’s What I Call ROMANCE!)
    •That wild Capulet Mansion party 🎭 
    •John Leguizamo’s best role (fight me)
    •The mash-up of styles from classic westerns to Latin American iconography (thanks to largely filming in Mexico City) to Miami night club culture 
    •Soundtrack featuring everything from classical music to 90’s pop like The Cardigans to Radiohead and even a Prince cover by a…