Easy Rider

Easy Rider ★★★★★

"Easy Rider" seems caricatured and dated through contemporary lens but its sincerity mitigates that as it evolves into an essential piece of culture and a reminder of what the essence of freedom signifies, and it's not the sorry state to which our democracy has sunk, that deludes us into believing it still works when in fact it's been sold out, but in the more philosophical way Jack Nicholson explains in his discussion of outer space aliens evolving into individuals free from control but still part of something. I was digging the rap sessions that embarrassed me the last time I watched "Easy Rider" between the hippies at the commune. All that stuff seems kind of like it's been discarded when we could really use it. Plus "Easy Rider" becomes somewhat of a major cinematic achievement when they reach New Orleans and drop acid with Karen Black and Toni Basil. I think perhaps Jean Rollin got some inspiration for "The Iron Rose" from the cemetery scenes in "Easy Rider" which gets more amazing as it progresses and that ending hits much harder when you can appreciate the road trip that leads to it.

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