I Saw the Devil

I Saw the Devil ★★★★

South Korea constantly puts out some of the best thriller in today's age. 'I Saw The Devil' follows that trend. An unbelievably violent and sickening film, which never gets to that point, because of the art involved. The violence is filmed so beautifully, that you refrain from shutting your eyes.

Starring Min-Sik-Choi, as Kyung-Sul, who everyone remembers from 'Oldboy' as Oh-Dae-Su. A role reversal has taken place in this film. Instead of being wronged, he is doing all the wrong, in a stunning, and heartless performance, he steals the show, every farm he's on screen. Also starring Byung-hun Lee, who America has degraded into playing a 'typical Asian guy, who MUST know martial arts.' really stretches his acting muscles here. He plays Kim Soo - Hyeon

The film starts out with Kim Soo - Hyeon's pregnant fiancé, getting murdered. Then, the cat and mouse game begins between Kyung Sul, and Kim Soo. the film questions, and explores the line between Law and Lawlessness, this film reminded me of a hybrid between a Michael Mann film and a David Fincher film. It contains similar themes to Mann's films and it attains Fincher's coldness and static.

Some mind-blowing sequences, in terms of cinematography, one, such as a 360 shot inside of a car, where Kyung Sul dispatches of some criminals, way in over their head.

Plainly one could look at this as a revenge film. But it's far more sophisticated, there is role reversal within the film, which blurs the lines between good and bad, and when is enough enough?