From Dusk Till Dawn

From Dusk Till Dawn ★★★½

Jacob: Are you so much a fucking loser, you can't tell when you've won?
Seth: What did you call me? 
Jacob: Nothing. I didn't make a statement. I asked a question. Would you like me to ask it again? 
Seth: Umm-hmm. 
Jacob: Are you such a loser you can't tell when you've won? The entire state of Texas, along with the F.B.I., is looking for you. Did they find you? No. They couldn't. You've won, Seth, enjoy it.

From Dusk Till Dawn is an exceptionally different kind of action/horror/comedy movie, especially in the execution of its plot. I’ve heard many say it’s like watching two movies in one, but to me, it just feels like one half of the movie has a few extended scenes which it uses to satisfyingly develop its characters.

It’s great fun to watch, especially due to the film’s ability to suck you into its story before totally bombarding you with special effects, action, and gore. Quentin Tarantino’s screenwriting talent really shows here, and if he hasn’t hooked you by the first half of the film, the second half is sure to surprise and mesmerize you. It’s a highly memorable film, with great casting and acting, plenty of quotable lines, and a twisted sense of humor.

My only complaint is that I wish the second half of the film had been longer and more developed/explained, to at least match the pacing of the first half. However, it’s true that no explanations are really necessary for this movie’s content as it’s entertaining enough just to sit back and watch; it’s just that when all hell breaks loose, it feels somewhat rushed. It has to be seen to be believed, and it’s definitely a must-see for fans of Tarantino, Robert Rodriguez, and action-horror comedies in general.

I give From Dusk Till Dawn 3.5 bats out of 5.
🦇 🦇 🦇.5
It’s a thriller in every sense of the word. Ralphus is highly amused.

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