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  • Encanto



    Ever heard the term, giving someone a second chance or another opinion! Because I’ve given a second chance to many movies. When I see movies for the first time I either have a negative review about it

    But I listen to my mind and decide to give it a second chance! So I gave the film a second chance since it didn’t like It the first time. But I gave it another rewatch and I have to say this 


  • Hawkeye



    Hawkeye the series was a fun show from beginning to end filled with fun and suspense! 

    Not to mention the acting of the actors from Jeremy to Hailee, and the other actors as well

    Also on top of that the action is so good and definitely the best thing about the show 

    But the Finale left me satisfied but definitely leaves the question of where it can go next but we’ll see what happens next!

    Frankly I still prefer Falcon…

  • Sing 2

    Sing 2


    Short review: I liked the first film so definitely was looking forward to see what the studio can do for a sequel

    There was a screening I couldn’t miss out, but after watching it, this was something fun and surprisingly emotional! Bravo to the studio for making something good

  • Dune



    I remember a friend of mine sended me the trailer for this movie and I was really impressed by it, and the cast of actors they were gonna get really surprised me, and also they were considering to have this released soon in theaters but then moved to October 2021 replacing Batman. But today I had the chance to see this film and not on HBO max 

    All I can say is, this is the definition of a visually well…

  • No Time to Die

    No Time to Die


    This Movie went through a lot, do you know why? The COVID 19 pandemic and the delays it went through, some say it was supposed to be out in 2019, then 2020, fall, then finally in October 2021. 

    And since the pandemic gave me the opportunity to watch the Daniel Craig Films I’ve really enjoyed watching those, and I give thanks to a friend for recommending those films in order to prepare for them, after two weeks later I finally…

  • Spider-Man 3

    Spider-Man 3


    I didn’t know that I could face it again because it was so awful, having been the director of Spider-Man 3,” Raimi said. “The Internet was getting revved up and people disliked that movie and they sure let me know about it. So, it was difficult to take back on- Sam Raimi

    Spider-Man 3 is now a movie that I liked but many people hate, the more I watch This film the more I can learn from it. How revenge…

  • Shaun the Sheep Movie

    Shaun the Sheep Movie


    Aardman is definitely a studio that makes really good stop motion films, from chicken run, pirates band of misfits, Arthur Christmas, and obviously their three time academy award winning Wallace and gromit which are my favorites.

    Shaun made his first appearance in Wallace and gromit the close shave and then years later they made a spin off called Shaun the sheep, a little tv series about Shaun and the rest of barnyard animals have their own adventures.

    When I heard…

  • The Night House

    The Night House


    There wasn’t any screenings for reminisce for Thursday night, so this was the next thing I wanted to watch in august since I wanted to see this, along with candyman and reminisce to end august. 

    I love a good horror and thills along with suspense, this was something that really enjoyed 

    The performances were good especially from the main actress 

    The score was really well done 

    Not to mention since I was the only few people who was watching…

  • Brothers



    Why wasn’t this nominated for an Oscar because this film made me cry so hard, especially that ending. Not to mention the performances of the actors tobey, Jake and Natalie.

  • Crazy Rich Asians

    Crazy Rich Asians


    My biggest regrets that I didn’t get in theaters are both Bumblebee, and this. Because this film was so Good

    I love this from beginning to end

  • Loki



    Loki > Wandavision

    I was genuinely Optimistic of how this would turn out and after episode after episode I really enjoyed this show.

    The actors do a good job especially Tom, Sophia, Owen and the rest of the actors 

    Loved the visuals and the action scenes were amazing 

    The surprises that they would throw at us were nice 

    Without saying much the finale was a big shocker

    I’ll admit episode 3 was the weakest of the series and didn’t…

  • The Amazing Spider-Man

    The Amazing Spider-Man


    I completely forgot how good this film is, Not gonna lie the Amazing Spider-Man 1 has been stuck with me for almost 9 years, not to mention next year it’s the films 10th Anniversary, which is hard to believe.

    I remember saying in my review that I was not looking forward to seeing this, because I loved the Raimi films and I wanted to see a continuation for Spider-Man 4, but then they had to reboot it, which I didn’t…