Raul Alcantar has written 5 reviews for films rated during 2021.

  • A Loud House Christmas

    A Loud House Christmas

    Best titled, the cliche house best that’s what the Loud house is well known full of cliches, and this is the cherry on top of the show.

    The casting choices were I’ll give it that it was creative and they did a decent job.

    But all and all I’m done with loud house

  • Old


    What the hell did I just watch?!

  • America: The Motion Picture

    America: The Motion Picture

    Snore Snore snore snore and snore. That’s how I felt when watching this, this could’ve been something but unfortunately it failed to impress me

  • Cars 2

    Cars 2

    10 years later, Pixar made their unnecessary sequel and made people really pissed off or disappointed 

    But here some positives I can say

    The animation is not that bad, even when they go to Tokyo, Paris, Italy, London. 

    The race scenes are just fun to watch.

    But unfortunately, this is a Pixar car wreck, with a spy story that isn’t even good. Characters that really are annoying, especially the villains of the film really ruins the film for me.


  • Trolls World Tour

    Trolls World Tour

    One year later my least anticipated movie came out and almost gave me the biggest headache of all time. 

    The animation is quite colorful and the creative talented animators from dreamworks really pulled it off

    The voice cast do a good job, especially from Anna Kendrick, Justin Timberlake and the rest 

    Not to mention the world building is quite creative 

    Unfortunately the story isn’t the best out there and it’s been done in other films 

    Not mention the…