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  • Encanto



    Ever heard the term, giving someone a second chance or another opinion! Because I’ve given a second chance to many movies. When I see movies for the first time I either have a negative review about it

    But I listen to my mind and decide to give it a second chance! So I gave the film a second chance since it didn’t like It the first time. But I gave it another rewatch and I have to say this 


  • Hawkeye



    Hawkeye the series was a fun show from beginning to end filled with fun and suspense! 

    Not to mention the acting of the actors from Jeremy to Hailee, and the other actors as well

    Also on top of that the action is so good and definitely the best thing about the show 

    But the Finale left me satisfied but definitely leaves the question of where it can go next but we’ll see what happens next!

    Frankly I still prefer Falcon…

  • Spider-Man: No Way Home

    Spider-Man: No Way Home


    Tom Holland as Spider-Man I think he does a good job! And seeing him come along way from civil war to no way home I’m very happy for him. 

    Especially with this one, ever since that big cliffhanger ending in far from home, and seeing all of those images being leaked, rumors and so many thing that they said was gonna happen, I was more than excited to see this film, from its two incredible trailers I was just more…

  • The Return of Jafar

    The Return of Jafar


    The beginning of a trend back in the days! Which was the disney direct to dvd sequels, and it’s very mixed response when people bring them up, especially since people say do they wish to have the disney live action remakes or Disney direct to dvd sequels 

    But first one they made was with the return of jafar, when I was a kid Aladdin was definitely a childhood favorite of mine and I definitely loved it. But I saw the…

  • Aladdin and the King of Thieves

    Aladdin and the King of Thieves


    I don’t often revisit the Disney direct to dvd sequels but in this case I’m doing it. I’ll soon do it next month where I’ll be taking a look at all of the Disney sequels from best to worst 

    As my thoughts for Aladdin king of the thieves, I’ll say it better than return of jafar, and it’s nice that Robin Williams came back as genie. Not mention the story is quite decent!

  • Sonic the Hedgehog 2

    Sonic the Hedgehog 2

    I had fun watching the first film so hands down I was looking forward to seeing what the second part brings in stores. 

    First look at the trailer and  I’m already sold! Looks fun! And fans of sonic are gonna be blown away

  • Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse (Part One)

    Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse (Part One)

    God damn it, that was pretty cool! Between this and lightyear I’d say spiderverse is gets me hyped to see the film

  • Diary of a Wimpy Kid

    Diary of a Wimpy Kid


    Animation is good and does respect from the original source. But I’m I the only one who still prefers the live action films? But it’s way better than the last one which was long haul

  • The Boss Baby: Family Business

    The Boss Baby: Family Business


    Since I haven’t seen this film since July, and I thought it was ok but i did say it was an improvement.

    But since it’s almost the end of the year I thought why not watch some movies to rank them on my animation ranking list. So I had to give this a rewatch and honestly I liked it better than my first viewing not gonna lie I did shed a tear with one scene 

    So I did have fun and enjoyed it better than some of the animated films this year

  • The Power of the Dog

    The Power of the Dog


    Short review: this film was wonderful, but the main highlight is both Benedict and Kirsten

  • Spider-Man 2

    Spider-Man 2


    Spider-Man 2 is a masterpiece, and one of the reasons why I love this film is because it went all out and made an epic film.

    A story that works really well and can relate to many people or even speak to them.

    The action: is one of the best spider man action I’ve seen, it’s exciting and like the your on a rollercoaster and when watching this. Especially the train scene 

    But what makes this film fantastic it’s characters,…

  • A Loud House Christmas

    A Loud House Christmas

    Best titled, the cliche house best that’s what the Loud house is well known full of cliches, and this is the cherry on top of the show.

    The casting choices were I’ll give it that it was creative and they did a decent job.

    But all and all I’m done with loud house