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Raul Alcantar


College student, Part time Actor, And movie critic

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  • Spider-Man 2
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  • Lightyear

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  • Lightyear


    Back in late 2020 during the Disney investors month, Pixar chief Pete Docter was presenting of what we can expect for the future of Pixar. One that surprised us the most was for lightyear the buzz lightyear origin film. But with Chris Evans as buzz lightyear 

    The first trailer dropped today and I’m very excited to check this out, the cinematography, animation, the world is gonna show us and what the origin story is gonna tell.

    Hands down the most highly anticipated film of 2022 sorry spider verse 2

  • Dune



    I remember a friend of mine sended me the trailer for this movie and I was really impressed by it, and the cast of actors they were gonna get really surprised me, and also they were considering to have this released soon in theaters but then moved to October 2021 replacing Batman. But today I had the chance to see this film and not on HBO max 

    All I can say is, this is the definition of a visually well…

Popular reviews

  • Aquaman and The Lost Kingdom

    Aquaman and The Lost Kingdom

    This is not a joke, Amber Heard Freaking blocked me on Twitter and whole bunch of other people as well. Know what amber screw you!! For abusing Johnny depp ruining his career and lying to millions. I’m not watching AQUAMAN 2 anytime soon

  • Skyfall



    When people say what’s the best one in the Daniel series they say skyfall is the cinematic masterpiece and easily say it’s the best one in the series. And two I know a YouTuber who hates this for a very stupid and childish reason but his loss.

    I was more than excited to check this out, since I did enjoy the last one casino royale, but everyone who said this film was amazing I only have one thing to say…