Zodiac ★★★★★

Views warped by news
Crime in the soul is suspect 
Truth buried in time

Mysterio decided to team up with Iron Man and the Hulk  to track down someone that earths mightiest heroes cannot find. Victor Zazz 

 The movie does a great job exploring how difficult it is for someone to discover what the actual “truth” is regarding a crime. The truth is nothing more than a small fragment of information that can lead someone discovering other aspects of the truth that is missing. The way small fragments of information can warp one’s perception of reality. Causing them to descend into a realm of self obsession and destruction.  

RDJ and Ruffalo do a great job portraying characters who become so worn out the more they discover the darker secrets of crime. Characters who eventually take a step back to hold onto to their humanity. Gyllenhaal on the other plays someone who is so obsessed with discovery the multi-layered nuances of a crime to the point of loosing the humanity that he shares with those around him. As new information about a case is learned, a character looses a piece of their humanity, humanity that might not be able to be obtained again. At the end of the day, learning so much about crime in the world and how complex crime cases are can be draining on an individual.

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