Scream 4

Scream 4 ★★★★★

When Sidney Prescott says don’t fuck with the original, you better listen if you know what is good for you. 

One side of my brain: This movie continues to get better with age. Years ago I thought it was just a fun unoriginal rehash of everything we have already seen in this franchise. Now, I think this movie examines how people create myths about how movie logic and the logic of the real world do not coexist within one another. Consistent discourse within older and younger generations of people not create narratives about what they believe can, should, or should not happen in the stories they watch. Strengthening the idea life imitating art. Doesn’t help there is this fetishized approach we have to talking about crimes in fiction and non fiction to the point of romanticizing what it would be like if we were part of those stories. Reminds of me how obsessed people are with the idea of Ted Bundy and other people like him who fit the same profile. Imagine thinking you know so much about these stories and horror movies to the point of thinking you can avoid it happening to you in real life. Sure, it is fun to joke about that stuff in regards to if we would live in a horror movie or not, but these false expectations for these events not only strengths the hold these stories have over us, but how it makes those who were part of it have to relive trauma of the past. Trauma of the past that the hope won’t be past down to future generations. Scream 4 says that is too late. 

Another part of my brain: I am down bad for Courteney Cox. 

Lastly, fuck Bruce Willis.

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