One Piece: Stampede

One Piece: Stampede ★★★

Many thrilling moments throughout. The art direction on the character models is great as always and the animation during the fight scenes can be amazing. Watching characters fight or team up with certain characters is great fan service. The fan service for awhile can get annoying to the point of me becoming uninterested. Yeah, these characters and fights are something one piece is known for, but for something that is celebrating the 20th anniversary of One Piece, I did not expect something so basic. Why not celebrate more of the characters relationships and emotional journeys they have had during this 20 years of publication?

There is a part in the movie with the character of Usopp that really helps emphasize the obstacles the characters have conquered together and how far they have come. I wish there was more of that. The team up towards the end was very creative since it focused on a select group of character who contain elements that really show how far the main character Luffy has come as a captain thanks to these individuals and the people they know. I became more interested in the fan service aspect when there was not so many characters from the past 20 years here.

 I don’t think celebrating the 20th anniversary of a beloved serious should have been predominantly just fight scenes since that is not the only aspect that has kept it going for so long. The ending was better but the cast of characters I have grown fawned of where fighting one of the most blandest evil characters I have seen since Stephen Wolf from Justice League. A franchise known for having unique character designs gives us a antagonist who looks like Hulk Hogan with some Bob Marley hair.  

Luffy is still a precious captain who must be protected so he can become king of the pirates and find the one piece. Watching him kick ass and tired of hearing a villains monologue is still great. 😊💚

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