Judas and the Black Messiah

Judas and the Black Messiah

I was not going to say anything originally, but I want to get this off my chest. I honestly do not care if this bothers you and you unfollow. Legit kinda sad that this is some people’s first piece of black content that they logged for black history month. I think this movie is great despite some limitations it has, but this shouldn’t be the only movie that is a black centered story that people watch for BHM. I get it, people are busy. BUT, is it hard to take a break from our typical content and explore stories with black people or created by black people? Legit, how fucking hard is that? Do people legit not think it is a big deal or not care? Or do people just threat it as just an ordinary month? I’m not asking for people who look like movie to constantly do more than they already do. We already embody our history and our form of the black experience by existing. How can some of y’all in good conscious just not watch more different content besides the content that is dominated  by the white majority? Legit, why aren’t we really celebrating black history month on letterboxd? Is it gonna be the same when their months dedication to women, the lgbtqia plus community, or other groups? Again, we should be celebrating all of these groups every month. 

Enjoy Judas and the Black Messiah this weekend. If you watch this movie, see how it plays out, and not think “can’t believe this was one of the first few things I watched for black history month” you legit need to wake dafuq up. Big shout out to these who have been watching black related content. Even if you log it or not, it’s great seeing more people getting more insight by watching stuff about us and that we created. Even had some really good conversations with many of those people. But for those who haven’t and haven’t thought how they keep watching nothing but content with a majority of white audiences, I mean what I am about to say with every fiber of my being, step your damn game up. 

How can some of y’all have seen Blindspotting but not realize the major blind spot y’all have for this month with what you have been mainly watching? If you are offended by this or think I am calling you racist, you don’t understand a goddamn thing. Again, major respect to those I have seen taking part in black history month and the small conversation I have had with y’all about what we have been watching OR READING about black history during February. If some y’all have the energy to roll your eyes or constantly watch stuff with the white demographic, you can give that same energy to black history. 

This conversation is open for comments  about the topic. You can type below if you want. Also, my dms on Instagram are open. Link to insta in my bio.

Since it seems like I need to add some damn clarification for some. If you think this is me saying we need some sort of diversity quota for the month, you didn’t understand anything I typed up. AGAIN, black history and black centered content should be celebrated year round. But it should totally be celebrated during this month as well so we can all continue to learn and carry this same behavior year round.

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