John Wick: Chapter 4

John Wick: Chapter 4 ★★★★★

Something I found tragic was how John seemed more progressively tired as he learns that former friends and comrades must pay for his sins for defying the gods. Despite how stunning each action set piece looks, the looney tunes like physics create a sense of emptiness and melancholy for John; his actions will continue to doom many people unless he finds a way to transcend into a new peaceful world. Many characters mirroring different stages of John’s journey that have and have not been depicted on screen. John getting a chance to revisit different stages of his life through old and familiar faces that force him to confront past and present failures despite his perseverance through a mountain of bodies. 

So much spirituality on display through just mere body moment and character postures and gestures during certain interactions. Capturing the dissonance between maintaining the peace one has that can easily be ripped away or allowing your body to be a spiritual guide for friend to find their peace. So much of John Wick 4 depicts the damage we do those we respect or consider a friend just for our own desire. But this damaging aspect to certain characters lives because of Wick’s journey is expertly balanced thanks to how the framing of each scene and the usage of color allows other characters to have moments where their humanity shines before the carnage unleashed. John might be viewed as responsible for some unfortunate outcomes, but that result is due to the selfishness of a damaged world. And despite his ability to unleash his fury, John is a very empathic and selfless man who knows how to convey peace and respect to certain characters. A significant aspect of his character that is reflect in the way the camera shifts from focusing on him to another character sharing the same space as him. 

An exhilarating yet tragic epic that I am in love with.

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