In the Mood for Love

In the Mood for Love ★★★★★

Expressing your love 
Where the meaning can live on 
Even when you leave 

How this movie captures people who feel alone due to those they fall in love with is pretty unique. The way our two main characters interact with each other shows how the pain that they are feeling from their respective partners is depicted in how they communicate with others. How the camera follows and lingers on the characters is a unique way to present the characters do not express much frustration about their situation. Probably because the people around them who are watching them( which is reflected in the wide shots that follow the characters) would spread rumors that would make things worse. It is a sad way of showing how the world will not let people find peace with the problems in their relationships, even in the privacy of their home. 

Seeing two people become friends, while containing the fear of copying the mistake of their lovers is sad to see. The visual presentation and how shots are framed makes conversations between the two main characters sweet yet sad. Sweet because they found someone who can understand their current problem but they are looking at someone who reminds them of a person who is currently causing them pain. Something that is reflected in the dialogue, shifts in camera angles, and slow moving scenes which indicates how the characters are progressing their thoughts.

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