I Care a Lot

I Care a Lot

I sure as hell didn’t care a lot. People who do not know about capitalism know more about capitalism than this movie. Did I at least find the movie entertaining? Nah. I fell asleep for 10 minutes. I was either bored or miserable watching this. The movies attempts at comedy made me roll my eyes to much. 

If the point of the movie was to use a mixture of crime drama and comedy to make points about the interconnected problems about capitalism, than I think it failed miserably. This is like someone trying to do a trick on their skateboard just to fall on their face. The execution of the movies ideas are isolated to a fault. It gives a foundation for the intersection of these ideas, but only uses them as a way to attempt humor, give Rosmand Pike an acting showcase, and create a conflict that is spread thin due to the lack of detail. 

If you wanna be a satire, commit to it. If you wanna be a dramatic crime piece, commit to it. Actually do something with your ideas instead of just bringing them up to ignore them later. Or, figure out how to balance your different genres better. That really gets on my nerves when movies have a unique foundation they introduce that they do nothing with in its runtime. As the movie went on, I got more irritated when the movie had moments that it wanted me to be empathetic toward our characters. Maybe it could have worked if the movie knew how to balance being entertaining while being a critique. But to get me to feel empathetic towards these central characters who did this shit to themselves because they were doing shitty manipulation tactics to make money by using other people kinda pisses me off. 

Sure, you can make the argument that the movie wants to show how people would rather take part in a corrupt system than be victims to it. But, that aspect is as paper thin as Ted Cruz’s dignity. 

When we see our leads now become the victims, we should get something about how they have become corrupted by the system they now benefit from that is typically designed against them. How it has corrupted their perspective on reality. There is literally a line at the end about doing what one needs to do to survive. Ok, so what got you to this point? Isn’t that something we should get a good amount of insight on to feel genuine empathy?

 Without any of that dimension to make the empathy aspect of the movie work, I am just watching another movie about white people who get upset when people fuck with their plans. If all the movie really is “look how fucked up both sides in this movie are” with nothing really intersecting these ideas, than I do not care. 😑😑

I see the appeal though. If you just want to be entertained by Rosmand Pike being a badass? Here you go! She is a badass here if this movie is your cup of tea. I am just personally not a fan of movies that uses complex ideas at the beginning as foundation to get the engine rolling for the rest of the movie.

I was going to give this 2 stars, but the Rosmand’s Pike’s speech at the end feels so unearned after everything being so simplified is so unearned to me. Honestly pisses me off that it has this great last minute speech without putting in the work I personally think it should have done. It had the foundation to make this both entertaining and complex, but the movie was either at odds with itself or mainly focused on its entertainment aspect of a fault. I’m not usually a fan of saying scenes are emotionally manipulative since the connection between humans and the information we process from the images we see will inherently give us different responses to them. But to get this ending and have it do what it did without saying anything throughout most of the run time is something that leaves a bad taste in my mouth. A hollow experience for me.

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