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  • Kiss of the Dragon

    Kiss of the Dragon


    The route of the devout. Not all action heroes know it. Not all of them need it. Some of them couldn’t find it on a map handed to them, let alone plot it in their mind and maintain the destination amid disorientation. However, some action heroes live by it. The route is as metaphorically straight and narrow as it gets, a rigid line from wrong-thing Point A to right-thing Point B. Spatially? Depends on how many schmoes, lackeys and big…

  • Blood Red Sky

    Blood Red Sky


    A sanguine slab of grab-bag genre filmmaking full to bursting with fiendish turns and unexpected thoughtfulness, "Blood Red Sky" is the sort of surprise best enjoyed with a blank slate. Does it occasionally forget its own structure and offer flashbacks within flashbacks? Yes. But its inclination toward narrative completism at least has a compelling point among all the havoc, which is to suggest how someone can be so quickly "othered" and dehumanized. There are a lot of snarky snowclone titles you could slap on this thing. But frankly, they're all beneath a surprisingly contemplative, carnage-laden curio.


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  • Riding the Bus with My Sister

    Riding the Bus with My Sister

    There’s an Ari Aster movie in here somewhere.

  • The Dirt

    The Dirt


    "The Dirt" opens with narration that condemns the 1980s as “the worst fucking decade in human history.” Stupid hair. Shitty clothes. “It fucking sucked,” sneers Nikki Sixx. Moments later, Tommy Lee brings a woman to squirting cunnilingual climax in front of a crowd of cheering partygoers.

    Yes, this new Netflix original film (streaming on the service today) provides a more fundamentally honest portrayal of Mötley Crüe in 120 seconds than "Bohemian Rhapsody" did of Queen in 120 minutes. But is…