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  • Harold and Maude
  • The Broken Circle Breakdown
  • Bacurau
  • Deep Impact

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  • 14 Peaks: Nothing Is Impossible


  • The Worst Person in the World

  • Our Happiest Days

  • Benedetta

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  • Spencer


    I will need to sit with SPENCER for a little while, my thoughts still haunted by the blend of beauty and pain that Pablo Larraín masters like few others. What I will say is that Jonny Greenwood, Claire Mathon, Jacqueline Durran and Kristen Stewart are all on top form. 

    Also, I thoroughly enjoyed the overexposed historical parallels. Who needs subtext when we can muse over the beautifully melancholic intertwined fates of Anne Boleyn and Princess Diana?

  • Dune



    Dune lacks the spellbinding visuals of Villeneuve’s last foray into sci-fi, 2017’s neo-noir Blade Runner 2049, a sensory feast that commanded colours with the grace of a snake charmer. In this Roger Deakins-less venture – Greig Fraser (Zero Dark Thirty, Rogue One) is on cinematography duty here – colour is as rarely seen as the mighty worms that plague Arrakis, the desert world on which Herbert's story takes place. When both grace the screen, however, the crisp yellows of the…