Spencer ★★★★

glamorous and apprehensive is two words i’d describe spencer which is ironic because you can say the same for princess di. as someone with a great spite for the royal family, i found myself gravitating towards the anxiously spiraling mood of it all regardless of context per say. spencer is a very eerie film with intense symbolism that holds everything together. 

plot wise… had potential to lose me. it didn’t! but it was getting there. i can’t help but love the details in its direction that didn’t let me leave the film because of it. almost every shot of stewart, she is typically in the center of the frame and it’s extremely oppressive and anxiety inducing. not only do you see her clenched up in her own deteriorating headspace but i, the viewer, is at a moment of discomfort like i also could not escape either. 

the tight framing gives room for an outsider (the viewer) to judge her which she is trying to run away from (fave shot is her literally running) for the most of the film. quite genius actually how that came across or at least it did for me. i think this wouldn’t have had much affect though if it weren’t for kristen stewart’s performance that i would say is her best. she carried to be honest. that and again, the sinister imagery that for some reason sparks my devoted attention. i think these two things are crafted so excellent that it ultimately made me appreciate a lot of aspects the film was going for even if i have disagreements with the character and her family. at the same time though, this does seem to stretch in places that are much more than just a biopic which i can also really appreciate.

tortured princess and long synths for a two hours — pretty damn good i must say.

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