Logan ★★★★½

I have a strange relationship with Fox’s X-Men films. While I read X-Men comics and love many of the characters I dislike the portrayals of many characters in the films we've gotten so far; Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine however isn't one of them. Logan succeeds in giving Jackman’s Wolverine a proper send off and an emotional one at that. As well, James Mangold did a great job in making the film feel very self contained with not many blatant references to the X-Men universe as a whole as he focuses on Logan and his relationships with those who are in his life. Mangold also only breaks this trend when the plot demands it.

While watching Logan it legitimately felt like I was watching a neo-western film; something akin to Hell or High Water. It's partial detachment from the cinematic universe it takes place in as Mangold let people know makes the film feel more grounded and as a result more visceral. Mangold makes you feel every fucking blow Logan takes. Logan’s screams of pain make your skin crawl as you know he's not able to heal the same way he use to in the past making you that more anxious about his condition in the film. Before i say anything else let me talk about the action in this film. The action in this fucking insane. Mangold doesn't hit you with constant action as he spreads to out but when it hits it's fucking brutal and beautiful giving that R-rating a run for its money.

In regards to the main leads in the film they all shined. Patrick Stewart brings his “A” game in again portraying Professor X providing some comedic relief in a very dark and violent film and being Logan’s last real link to his past. X-23 is great as well as Dafne Keen the young actress who plays her gives a solid performance playing a silent girl who's been through too much at such a young age. Finally, in regards to Jackman what can I say, the guy gives his all like he's always done. You feel the physical and emotional pain Logan is in from Jackman’s great performance.

Logan’s weakest aspect is its villains. While not necessarily bad they don't present anything unique. They serve their purpose well and do cause a lot of problems for Logan but it feels as though any basic character could fill that role of the villain of the antagonist. Another component of the film which the film could have done better is the fate of certain characters. Even with these flaws the film is so strong in everything else that I had to really nitpick certain aspects to find flaws.

Logan is an awesome film that has incredibly great action and solid emotional moments sprinkled throughout. There's so much in this movie which the trailers don't even hint at which makes me so happy as people will honestly be surprised when watching a big budget film like this. I won't lie in saying I didn't get emotional at the end of the film as Mangold created this cool visual metaphor which didn't catch until thinking about the ending of the film when writing this. Overall I'm happy with this being the end for Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine. Thank you Hugh Jackman.

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