Malignant ★★★★

I did not expect to see one of the best action scenes this year in a James Wan giallo inspired horror movie. Shit was awesome. That one take in the police station was incredible. Loved the practical stunt work/effects of Gabriel throughout the movie, it really gave the character more weight and impact compared to a lot of the CGI characters we get now a days. Some of the visual shots were amazing. Great Cinematography. I especially loved the shot of her running through the house, the aerial shot was incredible.

I had a fantastic time with this movie, but there wasn't a single moment that me or my friends took it seriously or found it scary. Like everyone's said, the last half hour is great and has a "no way they just did that" kind of energy. I know it's campy and goofy, but Wan actually has really good control over the tone here. The movie lets you know what it is from the first moment, but constantly is trying to trick you into thinking it wants you to take it seriously, and it's really good at it. Every time it escalates its another rug pull because you're like "oh this is ridiculous, but I should have known it would be." It's like a comedian who's really good at misdirection.

I don't know if anyone will buy my reasoning, but I feel like there's a lot of movies that try to have this same wild, crazy tone, and few pull it off this well. Usually they just feel trite or tryhardy. I was very impressed with how smart this dumb movie was.

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