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  • American Fiction

    American Fiction


    Loved this! Smart and funny and touching and biting and complicated. Wright absolutely deserves and oscar--as does the screenplay. It's satire, but the satire is part of the actual plot, so that allows itself to be fleshed out and not "just" satire. Some dead-on shots at the academy, the writing life/publishing world/Boston. I laughed out loud many, many times.

  • Southern Comfort

    Southern Comfort


    I'm moving through a lot of Walter Hill movies, and picking up a few I'd never seen before. I watched this streaming, and only njust now am finding out that Vinegar Syndrome is just this month bringing out a new blu-ray of it (and it looks great). By the way, Vinegar Syndrome seems to be really stepping up it's already impressive game.

    This is another movie that I wished I had seen instead of First Blood back when I was…

Popular reviews

  • Last Night in Soho

    Last Night in Soho


    If Jacques Demy made a giallo…

    I loved this.  It’s visually brilliant…practical effects and often “in camera.”  

    It subverts the usual (and classist) premise of city/ suburbanites go into the country and get attacked.  Here it is the reverse.   Also we get to see the main protagonist well before stuff goes wrong; in fact we see her really happy up in Cornwall.  Wright knows we really have to see “The before”  to really get “the after.”  Anyway it bucks the current template of horror films that begin at the point of crisis.

  • Fargo



    What’s left to say about this brilliant film? The very first time I saw it, I felt let down a little after the dizzying stylistic innovations of the previous Coen brothers films. But after my second viewing I could see them grounding themselves and finding ways to work with idiom grounded in region rather than referring back to cinema. 

    I have a new theory that in the scenes in which Macy and MacDormand are talking, the actors aren’t actually together…