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  • Night on the Galactic Railroad
  • Mandy
  • The Devil's Backbone
  • Annihilation

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  • American Psycho


  • The Worst Person in the World


  • Portrait of a Lady on Fire


  • Titane


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  • The Worst Person in the World

    The Worst Person in the World


    “Giving up your old life is the very first step to a new one” is pretty much the pacing this movie decided to embrace.
    In anticlimactic fashion, however, nothing really goes the way you would expect in a run-of-the-mill drama, and the sobriety of the movie is astounding.

    Labeling this story as a self-discover journey is downgrading the changes people are willing to go through, it’s not self discovery if it was never inside you to begin with. 

    Technical qualities…

  • Portrait of a Lady on Fire

    Portrait of a Lady on Fire


    What a beautiful movie. 

    From its initial premise, there’s a lot to dissect in this story, but, soon enough, it goes far beyond any shallow misconception, delivering one of the most incredible portrayals of romance. A classic one, yes, but fleeting and consistently done, with tones and references that echo its  message about love across the screen.

Popular reviews

  • Dark Phoenix

    Dark Phoenix


    Well, I can’t seem to hate this one guys.
    Haven’t even seen any of the movies from this new continuity. 
    Actually I had a lot of fun, plenty of X-men action going on, they managed to focus on a smaller cast of characters instead of cramming in every single mutant available. Many of the previous “Last Stand” problems were fixed like giving cyclops some importance and giving the Phoenix some character.
    Wasn’t a groundbreaking movie but plenty of blockbuster fun, this is as polished as these movies will get tbh.

  • TO-Y



    One of my absolute favorite ovas , part music video and part anime  it is similar in nature to Angels Egg : It has few to none dialogue lines . However, the elusive result works perfectly with character expressions and stupidly fluid animation sequences for the sake of animation. 

    The underground music scene versus the mainstream  entertainment aesthetic wins over every flaw in the narrative and successfully present the average record deal story.  

    Style over Substance , but it's not like there is a lot of time for substance anyways.