ꋖꍩꈼ ꄞꂦꌅꈼꌚꋖ ꌚꉣꂑꌅꂑꋖ ꅏꂑ꒒꒒ ꅏꁲꀗꈼ ꐞꂦꐇ ꐇꉣ

Favorite films

  • Song of the Sea
  • Sound of Metal
  • In Pursuit of Silence
  • At Eternity's Gate

Recent activity

  • Sleeping with Other People


  • Knock at the Cabin


  • Two Night Stand


  • Missing


Recent reviews

  • Gerald's Game

    Gerald's Game


    Daddy issues with a Winchester type bad guy

  • Backcountry


    My guy needs to review the scouters fundamentals

Popular reviews

  • Luca



    You see this is the problem with Pixar films.
    They decide to create a story about something that isn’t supposed to have feelings like cars, toys, rats, robots, italians etc...

    Then they leave us with a thousand questions wondering how the science and physics of that world works (And also where in the pixar theory the movie fits).

    What happens if Luca pisses on himself? Would he turn into a sea monster? What if someone pisses on him? What if…

  • Ice Age

    Ice Age


    Poetic Cinema🥺😖😫😩💦