Ingrid Goes West

Ingrid Goes West ★★★½

Ingrid Goes West is a testament to the toxic terror and delusion that bleeds out from social media.

Aubrey Plaza could punch me in the face and I would thank her- no, pay her $200. She's considerably unhinged in this role, but nothing unexpected from the talented actress.
Scarily enough, parts of this movie are relatable and I think it was the film's intent. We often spend wasted hours scrolling through apps, feeling like we are stuck in our own worlds, entirely alone. It makes it easier to connect to Aubrey's Ingrid, but certainly doesn't justify much.

It's always kind of fun to watch a really troubled character though!! We definitely aren't perfect and neither are they. The best thing the script gives us though is kind of a sense that our mistakes only go so far as we sit with them. That certain circumstances always lead back into certain outcomes.

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