Twin Peaks: The Return

Twin Peaks: The Return ★★★★★

"We're going home."

I've always felt a deep connection to Laura. Seeing her in The Black Lodge in episode 1, I immediately fell in love with her. The way she looked and moved and talked. There was something so alluring about her but I couldn't quite put my finger on it. As the story unfolded in the original show, I could see more and more similarities between us. The history of abuse and the coping mechanisms used to deal with it. In Fire Walk With Me that connection to her grew even more as I saw her in the situations and realized that her reactions to them were so similar to mine, the screaming and crying and sneaking. Going into this I knew it would hurt for many reasons, and most of all Laura. And it does hurt. She is dead yet alive, so she is alive. But she is lost in time. A normal, beautiful girl with her whole life ahead of her got stuck in a place that no one should have to go to and she can't escape it, no matter how close she gets something always goes wrong. I love Laura Palmer, and I am like Laura Palmer. I am like the blue rose.

"At night I'm driving in your car
Pretending that we'll leave this town
We're watching all the street lights fade
And now you're just a stranger's dream
I took your picture from the frame
And now you're nothing like you seem
Your shadow fell like last night's rain"

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