Moonlight ★★★★★

The question Who is you? is asked twice in this movie. First, Paula asks Juan, to which he, semi-jokingly replies, Nobody. It’s then asked again in act three by Kevin, after years and years gone by. In his apartment, a ghost standing in front of him, a boy he knew who is now the spitting image of Juan. He asks Black Who is you? and the reply is I’m me. He’s nobody in a real sense of the word. He’s repressed everything about himself since he was sixteen and became the only male role model ever to be in his life, he is not Juan but he became like him. He’s not himself anymore, he’s what he thought he should be. And it’s later, when his head is on Kevin’s shoulder that he does revert back, he became himself again, he’s finally Chiron in his own skin.

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