Blade Runner ★★★★½

This. Is. Awesome. (Which, more than likely, everyone already knew, but hey, I just found out, so.) Blade Runner is the definition of "outside of my comfort zone", which is just one of several (pretty weak) excuses for why I've waited so unforgivably long to see it.

I've designated 2014 as the year of watching big films that I have no interest in but everyone else is gaga for. This is the year of my attempt to earn half an ounce of respect as a movie lover. So far, my efforts have been pretty ungratifying - more an affirmation of why I've never watched these films to begin with & a reminder to trust my taste & not critics'. But, Blade Runner has been one of few exceptions, & surely the most surprising & satisfying.

I just unequivocally do not care for sci-fi (with a few exceptions), but this was...something else entirely. Yeah, it's totally cheesy; yeah, it's a great reminder of why I'm glad to have missed most of the eighties; & yeah, it's weird, flawed, & doesn't make a lot of sense sometimes. But from the very first minute, I was completely captivated by something. The sets were incredible, the mood/atmosphere could not have been better, & the pace was fantastically frantic. The story was a little weak, but who cares about the story when you're embroiled in a visual smorgasbord of cyberpunk meets cheesy-but-not-too-cheesy futuristic smogalicious L.A. (with a touch of Chinatown's strange exoticism) meets crazy-unsettling-perpetual-night meets over-the-top-crazy-awesomeness in every way. Despite its face-palm worthy 80's soundtrack, I found it to be refreshingly out of time - that is, not dated in any sense (unlike a lot of similar films, which I think is what makes me cringe at the genre as a whole). I found it utterly hypnotic.

It's like little I've seen before & better than almost any sci-fi, in my (biased, un-sci-fi-loving) opinion. My first words after seeing it were "well I've got to get that on Blu-Ray" - & I'm going to because I just want to watch it again & again.

Disclaimer: If this post sounds like a fangirl rant, it's because a) I don't know enough about the genre to feel like I'm able to make any intelligent comments or comparisons, b) I sort of did miss a bit of the end because I...well...sort of fell asleep, so I sort of feel like I can't make a complete judgment of it?... & c) it is.

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