Blade Runner

Blade Runner

How could I even describe it? I really don’t even know what tha hell to say honestly, for the first time I don’t even know what rating to give a film. I feel like Blade Runner is as if 2001: A Space Odyssey met Fight Club and they had a child. By this, I mean that Blade Runner is just like 2001: ASO, a pretty slow paced visually stunning sci-fi however no matter the way you see it is quite ambiguous like Fight Club yet though-provoking as well making this one such a unique neo-noir and one of the most influential works out there.

This is a film that I can be darn sure is not gonna be for everyone, not only because of the pacing but because of everything it has basically. Starting with the cinematography, I loved it and it has aged like fine wine, some exquisite use of dark tones that meet vibrant and neon elements here and there (kind of resembling Taxi Driver but where black is the main protagonist through all its runtime). As for the performances, Harrison Ford shined through all the film offering a more than exceptional job in what might be among his best works during his career and completely hold up the film on my eyes. As for the story, is pretty interesting and quite impressive that what might seem as a really simple concept is carried to something far more than being just another action/sci-fi. The pacing is incredibly slow yet it rarely felt dull and its action sequences were a marvel to look at making it enjoyable for the most part for any lover of said genre(s)

This might sound as something stupid coming from someone that considers films such as Se7en & Sleepers some of my all time favorites but I found some parts a bit over the top because I didn’t got what those scenes that came as something silly & gross contributed to the story, yet I also know that this one is just such a bizarre work that probably those moments mean something more than I realize but for now I don’t see them in such way. I’ve read that many people who consider this one their all time favorite still struggle to fully comprehend it, and I understand why, probably there’s not an exact thing we can extract from this flick, is like trying to unravel a spaghetti that in its core hides a priceless jewel that is unlikely to be fully solved. Explaining this movie is such an impossible task and I don’t even know the exact way I feel about it, for now I can say that I found half of it masterpiece and half of it unintelligible yet I also know that I don’t even got the surface of it and I cannot disregard it for that.

Many people will view this movie as nothing more than an empty mess devoid of any true meaning. However, I consider this unabashedly bizarre masterpiece hides far more meaning than what might seem as a hollow script being a pretty profound work that probably I will never understand but I’m glad I have experienced nonetheless and I’m sure that only time will help me to appreciate more.

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