Portrait of a Lady on Fire

Portrait of a Lady on Fire ★★★★★

nothing about the movie was lacking. Literally nothing. Acting, script, cinematography, color, costume, soundtrack, sound design, lighting, overall themes, even down to the title. 

If I had to be a little more specific, I think this was the queer representation that actually felt both sincere and stunning. A movie directed by a lesbian about lesbians. No one is objectified, no one’s stereotyped. Every character is a fleshed out human being, each so full of emotions and heart.

I left the theater in tears. It lasted for about ten minutes after the screening. I’m still tearing up thinking about it now. 

Best of the festival so far, my favorite film of the year as of now (May 20th). I hope other films here surprise me but the bars are now very very high. 

That last shot....... 😔

At Cannes 2019

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