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  • Sully



    ♫ This is the Captain, brace that ass for impact.
    Don't doubt, motherfucker, ain't in the abstract.
    Bird strikin' tiddies, with bitches that is stacked.
    Black box, listen close, make your balls retract. ♫

    ♫ Ain't no crash, perfect forced water landing.
    Back the fuck off, 'fore I piss where you standing.
    I'm fucking filthy, just got the right branding.
    Ride on my mustache, that pussy commanding. ♫

    ♫ Can't sully this Sully, King of the Controls.
    Going ballistic, laying pipe 'round the poles,
    She start chanting, while I'm filling her holes:
    He did it, one hundred and fifty-five souls. ♫

  • Children of the Corn

    Children of the Corn

    ♫ The sins of modernity done made your ass weak
    Tremblin' before me as I'm spreadin' some cheek
    My crew's long knives stab-stabbin' your papa
    While I'm bangin' in the rows with girls that guapa ♫

    ♫ Got my suit and my tie and my round ass hat
    My creepy stare'll smoke ya as sure as a gat
    Y'all little bitches gonna end up in graves
    Cuz Isaac'll kill ya with the power of maize ♫

    ♫ Zapping puny brains…

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  • Ginger Snaps

    Ginger Snaps

    A dull Canadian town overreacts to a gloopy werewolf redecorating peoples' yards with festive entrails.

    I mean, she only killed dogs, a bitchy teen, and a guidance counselor: it's not like anything of value was lost.

  • Prometheus



    More than anyone, Ridley has been carrying Philip K. Dick's torch ever since Blade Runner. Considering, over and over, what being human is. And why we still don't know.

    The difference between the two being: Dick thought of people as helpless participants in a chaotic stew of atoms, while Scott sees humanity as architects of our own purgatory.


    You think we wasted our time coming here, don't you?

    Your question depends on me understanding what you hoped to achieve…

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