Scream ★★★½

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This review may contain spoilers.

there were certainly CAMPY choices made here — mostly that some of the attempts at being meta came off nearly as parody at times — but loved seeing the OGs of Scream on the big screen AND FOR THE FIRST TIME!!!!! 5cream is the first installment I’ve been legally able to see by myself in decades of loving the films. that was such a treat!

The cast of up and coming actors was amazing. Jenna Ortega SERVED as usual! And Melissa Barrera was brilliant as Sam! It was nice to get more black and brown people in this franchise as well! The kills were great and Roger L Jackson is so eerie as the voice of Ghostface. The kills and maiming EAT!!! A gore feast + hand trauma i totally expected from the visionaries of Ready or Not! Also Gale & Sidney giving zero fucks and beating up bratty teenagers??? we LOVE to see.

my only issues were the couch scene and the fact that the “stan” culture fanaticism wasn’t translated enough, for me. Especially with how interestingly streaming and lives were used in Scream 4; I expected more use of social media and phones overall to really bring the terror into the 2020s. There was a lot they could’ve done with stan culture considering there has even been a murder inspired by the Scream movies.

A fun witty addition to one of the most beloved horror franchises! 
5 final girls?? Iconery.

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