Scream ★★★★½

This film can deconstruct the horror genre in its admiration of those before it in such a sincere way that it doesn’t feel like lightening in a bottle, it felt like it’s focal understanding of what a horror movie are allowed this to become one of the greatest horror films of all time. The movie takes the horror film cast rolodex of the virgin, the jock that’s dating her, the nerd that wants to be with her, the police officer, the sexy first kill five minutes in to draw the audience in… it takes all these overused tropes and has fun commentating on them, respecting their roles, and adding fun twists to their characters to keep the audience always guessing. Like other great horror films, it understands the necessary balance of horror and comedy. The goal of horror is to make the audience scream and the goal of horror is to make the audience laugh, they are both trying to evoke the audience to react. Scream utilizes comedy to throughout the film; if we just saw a brutal murder on screen, the next scene is surely to relieve us of the tension by adding some jokes. As the horror ramps up in the film, the comedy ramps up as well; both accumulating to the final act which has the horror and comedy blend. Every stab of the knife immediately has a line like “What’s your motive?” “Peer pressure.” to remedy that scar from the blade, resulting in me both gasping and laughing during the entire third act. Scream doesn’t only commentate on the greatest horror films of all time; it becomes on of the greatest horror films of all time.

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