Die Another Day

Die Another Day ★½

James Bond sleeps with a girl.

Me: Ah never change Bond. Glad to still see you haven't changed at all in 40 years.

James Bond: I haven't slept with a good girl in a while.

Me: Making creepy comments again, now it's her turn to say she isn't a good girl.

Jinx: "What makes you think I'm a good girl?" She pulls out a knife.

Me: Classic 'all girls are either sexy or evil cliché' from the Bond movies.

Jinx then pulls out a fruit and starts cutting the fruit with the knife in bed.

Me: "Holy fuck! She just had sex with Bond and then had a knife ready to cut up a piece of fruit she also had hidden somewhere?!"

Honestly this was probably a half star but I'm giving this movie a whole star for that scene alone. That woman had a blade and fruit ready to go just to scare Bond into thinking she was killing him before she ate it. It was so dumb because who cuts a fruit over a random dudes body in bed after sex, but it was so comical and so ridiculous that I need to give it an extra star.

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