Seven Samurai

Seven Samurai ★★★★★

“All they know is fear.”

Seeing this on 35mm (side note: holy shit I saw Seven Samurai on 35mm let me die happy now) only just confirms how much of a miracle this film is, a slowly snowballing gauntlet of contrasting tones and themes held together by clear-eyed humanism and filmmaking that feels as natural as breathing. Kurosawa packs every moment so full of depth and context that three and a half hours of film ends up feeling like it’s barely scratched the surface of its story - nothing is wasted, not a line, a shot, or a glance. The fact that this is entertaining as hell would almost feel like an afterthought if it weren’t for the packed-in audience tonight gasping and shouting as if their seats were about to explode (when Kyuzo came out of the fog with the musket, people went nuts). The rest of 2018’s gonna have to try hard to top this.

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