Jupiter Ascending

Jupiter Ascending ★★★½

I'm not going to deny that this is kind of a hot mess (especially in terms of Eddie Redmayne, who seems to have temporary amnesia regarding what "movies" and "acting" are), but I'm also not going to deny that this is a clever, imaginative, and absurdly fun hot mess either. This is space opera with the "opera" part cranked up to 11 - it's baroque, over the top, and totally aware of how weird and silly it is, and it works. It's sci-fi with comic pacing, throwing ideas out at every turn hoping some will stick. Dog-man Channing Tatum with rocket boots? Sure, why not. Mila Kunis, Queen of Bees? Makes sense. A scene where the whole movie turns into Brazil, complete with a Terry Gilliam cameo? Why wouldn't we have one? Oh, Wachowski Sisters, if only everyone in Hollywood could be as beautifully crazy as you. Shine on.

Assorted notes:

1) Holy shit, this is a gorgeous movie. It's rare that you find a modern sci-fi film that looks even half as good as its concept art, but this and Fury Road may be the exceptions to the rule. Space Rococo forever.

2) I think one of my favorite satirical conceits of this movie is that it basically makes an oddly Bowie-esque parallel between modern love and politics - both are defined by bureaucracy, rules, and benefits for the self rather than benefits for others.

3) Why is Bae Doona not a star yet? Between this, Cloud Atlas, and Sense8, she absolutely deserves to be.

4) More movies need to take place in Chicago. We deserve so much better than being repeatedly blown up by Michael Bay.

5) Just like Mila Kunis, I too love dogs, and, in fact, have always loved dogs.

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