Scream VI

Scream VI ★★★½

After the way i disliked Scream 5 i was not expecting to like this one, but i did. In Scream 5 i wasn't feeling Melissa Barrera, but she beated those bad acting allegations and convinced me that she can lead this franchise from now on! Jenna Ortega is also amazing, tbh the four new main characters have a great chemistry together, but i need to say that one of the twins should've died in this film, and since the girl is more expressive, i would get rid of Chad! The four main characters getting out alive is really the weakest point of the movie and they even made a joke about it to sinalize that they (writers, directors) understood how ridiculous this plot armor was.

I loved the deaths, the chasing scenes, i love the fact that KIRBY IS BACK, and i feel sad for Neve Campbell because she played to lose! Not having her here only gave room for other characters to shine and also made me notice that she is not essential anymore.

Scream's use of metalanguage still very smart and good to see, like that scene were Mindy explain things. The opening scene with Samara Weaving was amazing and there's a lot of good surprises during the whole movie. Changing the ambientation was a great idea, but they could've used the bigger town aspect a little better.

Jack Champion is my new crush! Hope to see him in a lot of more stuff, he is amazing, Liana Liberato was also great in this film.

The third act goes way to campy, but in general it was a fun slasher, and way better than the previous one, which for me was very cringe and dumb.

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