Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness ★★★½

I hope Kevin Feige and Marvel NEVER work with Michael Waldron again. He is a messy screenwriter, he proved that in Loki, and is proving once again here. This script is really sloppy and rushy. He and Sam Raimi were in hurry to say they didn't watched WandaVision as if it was something to brag, and to be honest they didn't needed to say, because IT SHOWS. As a Scarlet Witch stan since childhood, i have to say it, i would do a lot of things different. Considering Wanda's popularity, it is BRAVE from them to do what they did, and for that i will at last give props. They were BRAVE. At least she looked good doing everything that she did! And had some iconic quotes, Waldron is a good one-liner, that's it. People will be making a lot of shirts with those quotes. I still love MCU Wanda deeply, i'm afraid some people might unstan her... At least is clear Darkhold was to blame, and in the final moment she did one thing that saved millions of lifes across the multiverse. A queen.

Those stars are mostly for Sam Raimi's creative and brilliant directing, and for Elizabeth Olsen who once again proved she is the best actor on MCU right now. No, I don't think she is the best MCU actress in general, but within the universe, she is delivering top tier acting one after the other. Better than anybody there. This movie really is a Sam Raimi movie, an ode from him to himself, because he pays tribute to all his previous works. ALL, including Spider-Man 3 (LMFAOOO). He is very creative and inventive, some action scenes here would be a mess in the hands of other director, but he has control over everything. The CGI is sloppy sometimes, but is not his fault! Post pandemic, Hollywood CGI in general went downhill, everybody still recovering in this field right now that things are a little better. It really is a terror movie, but soft-terror! Don't go thinking you will see somebody being cutted in half by a shield. Cof.

This movie's first cut would have 2 hours and 40 minutes, according to Sam Raimi, and the final cut should have been 2h40min indeed, because a lot of stuff are unexplained and some scenes that needed more time to sink in because of the heavy emotions, ended as soon as they began. I cried in one scene, but i KNOW i would cry even more if some of them were longer. I can say that the stakes here are high, that this movie has one of the best - if not the best - MCU villains, and with the ultimate motivation ever. Nobody can question the villain motivation here. The third act is like... TOPNUTS!!!

America Chavez is a strong point, they took one of the most boring and annoying characters from the comics, hired a fun, light-hearted and charismatic actress, and BOOM, fixed the character for good! This Miss America will be popular among kids, something the comics counterpart couldn't do it. Doctor Strange is fine, i guess. They try to make it clear that this is his movie, but... it is though? The entertainment value is really great, is really there, but i was expecting this to be one of my top5 favorite Marvel movies, and it didn't came close...

If you were expecting some crazy ass cameos, forget it. Or they didn't filmed nothing of those, or they saved it for the blu-ray, because cameo-wise, this movie is poor. We have Patrick's Professor X and John Krasinski's as Reed, which is GREAT!!! But i was expecting more, i was hoping for an ode to Marvel cinema. Imagine bringing back BLACKBOLT from that lame Inhumans series and not bringing Jessica Alba and Chris Evans as the Storm brothers, or even Ben Affleck's Daredevil??? Is Kevin Feige eating shit? Man is really losing his touch.

WHO THE HELL thought it was a good idea to substitute Superior Iron Man with a variant of Captain Marvel on Illuminati's team? LMFAOOOO we don't care about her, mfs. We needed Tom Cruise or RDJ back for this cameo. Marvel is kidding. They are trashing Iron-Man's legacy SO MUCH, and i'm not loving it. This AIN'T IT. No Deadpool either? They are so lame for this. Fuck them.

When Wanda sees her kids afraid of her... It was like a punch on my belly. I never felt so sad. I wanna DIE!!! The variant Wanda comforting her was... UGH. LET MCU WANDA BE HAPPY, MARVEL.

Wanda "killing" herself by destroying her own castle above her head was such a poor bait!!! Girlie was tanking hundrends of magic blasts in kamar-taj, being punch in the face by America Chavez who has super strenght, and didn't even shaked!!!! AS SHE SHOULD. One castle rumbling would kill her? LOL and that red magic blast coming out of the castle in ruins just made it clearer that they will adapt "Children's Crusade" next.

+ my mcu ranking

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