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  • Capernaum




  • Güeros



    I had a magical cinematic experience when I watched this. What I love the most from this movie is the cinematography that awfully mesmerizing by captured every details, objects, human, culture, politics, and many more in a honest way. The camera movement techniques with beautiful B&W tone in it are perfectly emphasized every scenes solidly. The adventurous souls of young characters in seeking of blissfulness in small things, passed through youth liberation, and cheered for love are feel so pure and in-depth.

    I totally love it. It is one of the best coming of age movie for me, hopefully this is not the last.

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  • Tokyo Story

    Tokyo Story


    "Isn't life disappointing?"

    This movie screwed my feelings up and left me with lonesome. With the slow-paced narrative, Ozu attached the audience emotionally through the uniqueness of each characters and poignant tragedy. The story that full of in-depth feelings in the ironic relationship between an aging couple with their children is pity enough, yet it feels so realistic in so many ways. Drifted away from parents, being selfish in accordance of working, and locked up in a busy life are so sick to watch.

    Dear Sir Ozu, thank you for the lessons.

  • The Sacrifice

    The Sacrifice


    "In the beginning was a Word, why is that, Papa?"

    This is my first watch of Tarkovsky's movie as my act to complete my birthday agenda today, which I've made months ago.

    As this is the day when I was born, I had immerseful reflection by listening and reading the dialogues about death, existence, hopes, spirituality, desperation and all that Alexander has been showed in almost of every scenes. This movie is poetical and touch the sense of human feelings…