Knives Out

Knives Out ★★★★

5th film of london film festival 

rian johnson once again comes with an expertly crafted, self aware genre film which acknowledges its trapping and subverts them but remains true to the essence of it, he did with the neo-noir genre, sci-fi, star wars and now the whodunnit. he manages to juggle intrigue, humour and thrills along with allowing this huge cast all a time to shine. toni collette practically steals the first act, chris evans once again is allowed to play someone morally unclear after years of being a goody two shoes in the mcu but ana de armas is given the main meat of the movie and she crushes it, me going into depth with that would spoil the fun.

rian johnson even tries to tackle politics and current events and most of it is great as it doesn’t hesitate to touch on white privilege, immigration, TRUMP but there are a few times where words like “SJW” and “snowflake” are snuck into the script and i’m sure we’d never want to hear those words outside of the internet and this movie doesn’t change that.

knives out is something which is just a ton of fun on the surface but there’s a delicacy and carefulness to how the plot is handled, every detail matters and pays off and makes some of the ludicrous reveals grounded and if this movie needed to exist, it was just for the fact we get to see toni collette play an instagram influencer with the same complexity she did in hereditary last year.

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