Dave Chappelle: The Closer

Dave Chappelle: The Closer ★★½

while i did laugh quite a bit, ultimately i am tired of dave chappelle being this reactionary. some of the jokes here aren’t there because they’re funny but because dave just really wants to piss people off like he’s done for the past *counts with hands* 4 specials? i’m not even the demographic that’s supposed to be offended but the constant formula dave chappelle saying he isn’t [insert]phobic and going on 20 minutes sections about said community just gets tired until the last 15 minutes. dave tells a really touching story about a friend of his who happened to be a transwoman, dave doesn’t suddenly tone down his jokes but they’re just as mean as before while being right next to real moments of empathy and kindness from dave and that’s what i’d wished this special was. the black and asian joke made me scream though.

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