Zodiac ★★★★★

Opening with the song "Easy to be hard" , David Fincher's "Zodiac" looms slowly and coldly out of darkness so atmosphericly that the term 'based on true events' feels like an understatement which otherwise gets tossed around alot in other movies, almost like a gimmick .
One can't fully appreciate Fincher's craftsmanship in "Zodiac" without knowing the unsettling resemblance ,events of this film had with the real ones .
"Zodiac" etches the collective descendance into the blithering obsession with uncovering the latent identity of a serial killer whose very nature and number of murders remain in the shadow even to this day . The plot leaps so swiftly with it's narration that the augmented frustration of characters can be easily felt . Every scene is constructed with great deal of meticulousness down to each and every minor detail while the acting remains nothing short of genius. Robert Downey Jr. shows what a beast of an actor he is while Gyllenhaal pretty much lives the character and Ruffalo strikes the right chord and so does the entire supporting cast .
The closing with "Hurdy Gurdy Man" feels extremely satisfying even with nothing answered or revealed . Doubt any mystry thriller will ever outshine this .
One can clearly see where Matt Reeves is borrowing those RIDDLER shenanigans from in "The Batman" .

I feel it in my bones, you ache to know my name, and so I'll clue you in… But then, why spoil the game?

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