Moonlight ★★½

The Moonlight (2016) only shines from a half-moon for me. Basically because I dislike how directors today compete over who can be the most vague with their storytelling. I've rambled about this before and here I go again.

We are in a generation without a soundtrack. Just think of the 60s and what made those films feel so damn cool. Or the jazz infested films before that. Or the synths of the 80s. Now it's all about creating an ambiance. Whatever cool music there is it only serves as fragments to break the monotone sounds with the flow of imagery, in what's basically become storytelling in slow montages where acting has been transformed into staying mostly mute while posing, expressing emotion so subtle that there's nothing there in the bland and pointless world of the camera.

I'm not saying the story is pointless. I appreciate that one. It's sweet in a confused environment. It's just the way it's told in caricatures which make it such. But that's todays generation for you. Less is less, and less is good, because, by God, if we would want to provoke any emotion outside of our introvert way of communicating.

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