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This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

This review may contain spoilers.

From a creature and effects stand point this film is an absolute delight.
However the content of this film ranges from extremely vulgar and upsetting to outright goofy comedy.

I'll just do a list of stand out things for this review.
•Tarantino is a gross man but still has his foot fetish which is nice.
•Harvey Kietel with a beard is awesome.
• George Clooney is hyper aggressive and "is a bastard but not a fucking bastard."
•Dick gun and whip skills. Aka Sex Machine
•Fred Williamson ain't afraid to stab four strippers in a row onto the table legs.
• A vampire rat? A vampire rat. 👉
•Danny Trejo but make him young
•Cheech has three very different parts in this and I'm here for it.
•The pussy is buy one get one for a penny.
•Stake jackhammer
•Holy Water condoms
•Salma Hayek's vampire face looks like it's from Stargate Sg1
•What on earth did I just watch

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